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Q & A With Andrew Bogut - January, 2007

Around New Year's Day, 2007 I emailed Andrew Bogut some questions. Here they are along with his emailed responses.

KB: How is the adjustment to the center position been coming along from your perspective?
AB: I have had no problem. Last year I guarded centers and forwards, this year its much of the same playing alongside Brian Skinner as we are both interchangeable. Offensively, its much the same to just trying to bang for more boards, though.

KB: I understand you called-on Sinisa Markovic to come-in and give you some individual instructions on the finer points. It seems to have helped your play, how has that been going?
AB: Yeh, he helped; its always good to have someone come over that knows me for me.

KB: Any chance that Markovic will leave his resume' with the Bucks front office when he leaves?
AB: No chance.

KB: In your last year at Utah, I understand Coach Giacoletti designed some plays specifically to get you the ball. Are you seeing any of that with the Bucks?
AB: Sometimes, but we are a guard orientated offence so I am trying to be good defensively and rebound.....

KB: Any thoughts on the new NBA ball? Will you miss it when its gone?
AB: Its probably the biggest joke in sporting history that a pro league changes the ball midseason; its dispicable. I like the rubber better.

KB: Now that you've been around the league a couple times are there any particular players that you have found surprisingly difficult to go up against?
AB: Every night every team poses a different problem. I love the challenge but Garnett, Duncan, Jermaine O'Neal, Nowitzki are all so good that it takes a perfect game to outplay them.

KB: You've been in Milwaukee for about a year and a half, do you consider yourself a regular "cheesehead" by now?
AB: No chance. I will always have Australia in my heart growing up there, and Croatia's influence runs in the blood.

KB: Were you able to find a place to keep your pet kangaroo? ;)
AB: Yeh, President Bush was kind enough to find me a place before I got here.

KB: Did Toni Kukoc get you hooked-up with the Chicago and Milwaukee Croatian communities?
AB: Not really, I found them through my own avenues in Milwaukee, and Chicago is kind of tough to get too being a long drive, especially with our schedule and the traffic going down there.

KB: Are there any particular restaurants or hang-outs in Milwaukee that you have come to like?
AB: Yeh there are but I'm not letting anybody know them, 'cause I like to eat my food without anybody knowing I'm there! Ha-ha.

KB: Any favorite post-game recovery foods you like?
AB: Chocolate milk is a great form of recovery I have found, its simple and you can get it anywhere. I also try to drink two or three bottles of water after every game.

KB: Are there any particular NBA cities you've enjoyed visiting?
AB: Utah and Phoenix.
KB: Do you get chance to get out much when you are on the road, or do you pretty much stick to the arena and hotel?
AB: I did my rookie year a little bit but now I'm a old man and I lay very very low...

KB: Have you been following the University of Utah Utes much? Any >thoughts on their progress since you have left?
AB: Yeh, I think its been a tough year, just from what I have heard and read people obviously don't know whats going on down there. They work as hard as any team around, they have had some bad games, some good games, unfortunately they have lost every close game they have played. There is not one school who has had a winning year every single year, and, no, we are not as big as a UConn or North Carolina, so I'm not worried. They will be fine; they are young and I have not seen a coach take losses as hard as Giac has. He really cares for his players and wants to win, but has lost some tough ones. Unfortunately he has stuck with the him versus Majerus stigma. But a good question would be, would you rather a model citizen that works hard, has not one bit of trouble off the court but is losing some games with a young team, or would you rather a winning season, a different player wanting to transfer every day of the week and alot of baggage off the court? That's a tough decision but I think Dr. Hill made the right one, especially how much Utah is looked upon as a great, fun and family orientated environment.

KB: Have you followed the progress of Luke Nevill and Steven Weigh there?
AB: They are doing fine, Weigh is a flat-out scorer, he wants to get better, and he works hard. He just needs to work on his D which I bet he has been. Luke has the best chance to make the NBA, but only if he becomes a leader of that young team, takes the reigns and takes over games.

KB: Have you been following the progress of any of the other Australian players in the NCAA, such as Aleks Maric at Nebraska and Aaron Bruce at Baylor?
AB: Of course, they are close friends of mine. Aleks is a huge body and he works his butt off. Aaron is lightning quick, can shoot with the best of them, and also has a great work ethic.

KB: Thanks, Andrew, and good luck; we'll check back later in the season.

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