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Q & A With Andrew Bogut - July, 2007

I recently sent Andrew Bogut some questions while he was training and visiting family in Australia. Here they are with his e-mailed responses (on July 31, 2007).

KB: How is the recovery from your foot sprain progressing?
AB: The foot is 100%. It's been great to have a proper offseason to get in the weights and other on-court things that need work.

KB: What do you think of the Bucks' recent draft choices?
AB: I think they did a great job, they addressed our needs well.

KB: I think Yi could be a great addition to the team, do you think he'll be convinced that Milwaukee is a good place for him?
AB: I think it's what you make out of it, everyone would like to go to a city better suited to them. I'd love to play in Melbourne, and maybe I should lobby to get an NBA team here :), but I'm hoping all works out and Yi is in a Bucks uni next year!

KB: Do you think there are more people of Asian, Croatian or Australian descent living in Milwaukee? Should anyone care?
AB: I think the most people outside of Americans, are Germans, judging what I hear and observe around the place. I don't think people should care, to me its a great place to be and the people are very humble and hard working, and that's something I really respect.

KB: Do you have any thoughts on how fellow Aussie, Brad Newley, will fare in the NBA after being drafted by the Houston Rockets?
AB: I'm not sure, I think he might end up in Europe to get some more experience. I don't think he will rush, and that is a smart move.

KB: I see that Chris Anstey will not be playing for the Boomers, any thoughts about the prospects for the Boomers?
AB: It will be a tough series [with the New Zealand Tall Blacks] and very very tough, it will be as physical as a rugby game, there is a huge rivalry there!

KB: You are committed to playing with the Boomers in 2008, correct?
AB: Yes.

KB: Are you following the progress of the Emus in the FIBA 19-and-other tournament in Serbia?
AB: I followed what I read, its unfortunate that with one loss the guys finished out of the top four, but that's the life. They did Australia proud.

KB: Thanks, and have a great summer!

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